AASV Vaccine Recommendations for pH1N1 -- Outlines recommendations developed by the AASV Influenza Task Force to address the pandemic H1N1 outbreak of 2009


CDC information on H3N2v outbreak (2012) -- Information from CDC on human cases of H3N2v influenza outbreaks.

NPB Influenza Resources -- Influenza information for producers and exhibitors from the National Pork Board

USDA APHIS Influenza A Factsheet -- USDA APHIS Veterinary Service has published an Influenza A factsheet.  The factsheet contains basic information about Influenza A virus in swine and a Question and Answer section on the Swine Influenza Surveillance Program. 

Measures to Minimize Influenza Transmission at Swine Exhibitions (2016) -- The Swine Exhibitions Zoonotic Influenza Working Group developed a set of measures to minimize influenza virus transmission between swine, from people to swine, and from swine to people at swine exhibitions. These measures were formulated based on current evidence and the collective knowledge of the Working Group. The suggested measures are organized to address activities before, during, and after swine exhibitions. Measures are further divided into actions that may minimize risk to swine and risk to humans, although there is significant overlap between those two groups.

Influenza A Virus in Swine Surveillance Program

Influenza Surveillance Program -- Educational brochure describing the USDA's influenza surveillance program.

Quarterly Reports -- USDA quarterly reports outlining the results of the Influenza A Virus Surveillance Program.