Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)

National PRRS Elimination Program Framework -- This document, developed by the AASV PRRS Task Force and accepted by the AASV Board of Directors in 2016, outlines a framework strategy by which PRRS virus could be eliminated from the national swine herd. It highlights the steps to be taken, resources necessary and current knowledge gaps to be overcome. (March, 2016)

PRRS.org -- the official site for USDA's PRRS Coordinated Agricultural Project (CAP) research and educational outreach resources.

AASV PRRS Task Force -- AASV PRRS Task Force webpage (members only). Outlines committee activities, meetings and projects.

A Systematic Management Strategy for Breeding Herds Based on PRRS Herd Status -- This paper describes a standardized plan for application of management practices to limit the spread of PRRSV within the herd and based on the defined herd PRRSV status that has been established by Holtkamp et al

IN BOAH PRRS Communication Recommendations -- The Indiana Board of Animal Health and their scientific subcommittee recommend these guidelines for good neighbor action in the event of a change to PRRS exposed status.

PRRS Compendium (2003) -- Link to the 2003 edition of the National Pork Board's PRRS Compendium.

Herd Classification for PRRS -- Paper published by Derald Holtkamp et al describes the accepted terminology used to describe herd status regarding PRRS exposure. (January, 2011)

Biosecurity protocols for the prevention of spread of PRRS virus -- by Andrea Pitkin, Satoshi Otake and Scott Dee. This manual provides a summary of data from experiments conducted at the University of Minnesota that were specifically designed to identify the routes of PRRSV transmission and to develop biosecurity protocols to reduce this risk. (February, 2009) (Spanish)

Regional control of PRRS - what is it and how do we get there? -- This paper by Peter Davies and Spencer Wayne examines the challenges associated with attempting to control the PRRS virus regionally and the additional tools necessary to make it a reality.

Waddell3yrPRAFINAL.doc -- This paper describes the use of the PRRS Risk Assessment tool to monitor year-to-year changes in the PRRS risk profile of a large production system as well as to compare subsets of farms within that production system. 

ORF 5 Cut Patterns -- UMN VDL -- Dr. Kurt Rossow has provided the following spreadsheet describing the PRRS virus ORF 5 cut patterns identified at the U of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Lab.

ORF 5 Cut Patterns -- UMN VDL -- February 2015