AASV Foundation Logo AASV Foundation 2009 Fundraising Auction: Items up for Bid

WOW! Thanks to the generosity of both donors and buyers, the AASV 2009 Foundation Auction raised $67,561! We've updated this site with the auction results. The AASV Foundation sincerely thanks all who participated!


Cash Contributions

We're grateful to the following corporate sponsors who have made monetary donations to support the AASV Foundation Auction. Please thank them - and all of our item donors - for their generous support!

Hermitage NGT: $500 donation

William Blair & Co. Foundation: $500 donation



Live Auction

The AASV Foundation is pleased to offer items #1 to #13 for bid during the live auction:

Monday, March 9, 2009
Sheraton Dallas Hotel - Grand Hall

AASV Awards Reception: 6:30 PM
Live Auction Begins: Approximately 8:00 PM


1. "Dallas Tapestry," An Original Painting by Carol Rodibaugh

Donated by: Carol Rodibaugh
Framing donated by: Swine Health Services, LLC (Frankfort, Indiana)

Once again, Carol Rodibaugh (wife of Indiana AASV member and former AASV president Dr. Max Rodibaugh) has graciously agreed to donate an original watercolor painting to the AASV. Anyone who has seen Carol's work agrees it is exceptional! The art she has created for the Foundation over the years typically features pigs and a quilt motif, but each piece is unique. This year's creation - shown here prior to framing - is entitled "Dallas Tapestry."

Carol says, "I decided this year to take a subtle approach to the customary pig theme, so I focused more on the country life aspect. However, notice the pig weathervane...because no work of art for AASV would be complete without one somewhere!"

All of the quilt patterns represented on the barn relate to the farm and the country life. The patterns are:

Country Farm
Farm Friendliness
Pig Tail
Country Life
County Barn
Country Comforts

Purchased by: Dr. John E. Baker
Selling price: $1500.00


2. Bronze Baby Pig Sculpture

Donated by: Joyce Hay

"Some women are whipping up Christmas cookies in their kitchens this time of year. I’m using a caliper to measure piglets to check to see if my proportions are correct with my sculptures!" These are Joyce's words as she works on the baby pig sculpture she is donating to the AASV Foundation for the auction. That's how painstakingly she works to ensure her sculptures are as life-like and true to form as possible.

The process of creating a bronze is quite involved. It starts with Joyce's original clay sculpture from which a flexible mold is prepared. Wax is poured into the mold to create a "positive" to which Joyce adds her finishing touches before returning to the foundry. There, thin coats of ceramic are applied to create a thick, temperature-resistant shell. The wax is melted out and the piece is finally ready for the molten bronze pour! The photos here show some of her work in progress (above) as well as the final bronze (below). To make the little guy extra-special, Joyce has personalized our pig with "AASV 2009."

There aren't many opportunities to obtain a bronze piglet sculpture created by an artist with such a passion for pig perfection; don't miss this one!

Retail value: $750

Purchased by: Dr. Dale Hendrickson
Selling price: $1600


3. Walleye Fishing Adventure

Donated by: Genetiporc

Genetiporc offers a Northwoods fishing adventure for a party of three: a two-day walleye fishing trip on Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota with professional walleye guide Bill Hall! The dates for the trip will be flexible throughout 2009. The trip will include: hotel rooms for two nights, fishing equipment, bait, and two full days of walleye fishing with a professional guide on Mille Lacs Lake (or another Minnesota lake), where the walleye are abundant and easy to catch. Other fish include northern pike, muskie, jumbo perch and smallmouth bass.

Retail Value: $1500

Purchased by: Dr. John Waddell
Selling price: $1000


4. 2-Day Pheasant Hunt for Four in Northwest Iowa

Donated by: Suidae Health & Production

Come enjoy the camaraderie of an exciting fall pheasant hunt in scenic northern Iowa: crisp blue skies, rustling corn stalks, and cackling roosters bursting from cover under the nose of an expectant lab. We'll provide guide service, lodging, meals, and a hunting experience worthy of a tall tale or two. We may even help you practice your story over an evening cocktail around the fire. Help support the AASV Foundation while having a little fun. Grab your gun! We'll see you next fall.

Retail value: $3000

Purchased by: Pfizer Animal Health
Selling price: $5000


5. Henry "Big Boy" .44 Magnum Repeating Rifle with Case

Donated by: Bayer Animal Health

Big, brutal, and beautiful. Those are the words used to describe this exceptional lever action rifle. It features a 20" octagon barrel, straight grip American walnut stock with brass buttplate and brass barrel band, as well as a fully adjustable Marble semi-buckhorn rear sight with white diamond insert and a brass-beaded front sight. The solid top brass receiver features side ejection and the magazine packs up to ten rounds. It measures 38 1/2" long and weights in at 8.68 pounds. This is your big game rifle! To top it off, a locking, airline-approved gun case is included.

Purchased by: Dr. Cameron Schmitt
Selling price: $2100



6. 3-Day Houseboat Fishing Trip for Four to Lac Seul, Ontario, Canada

Donated by: Fort Dodge Animal Health

Dr. Darrell Neuberger and his highly qualified guides will wine you, dine you, and put you on fish on one of the premier walleye lakes in the world. Stay on a 68-foot houseboat beached on a remote area away from everything except nature. The best part is there is no cell phone service!

Leave on August 2, 2009, fish three days, and return on August 7. The trip includes all expenses from Clear Lake, Iowa to Lac Seul and back.

Retail value: $8500

Purchased by: Drs. Craig Rowles, Kent Schwartz, Ron White, and J.D. Fiechtner
Selling price: $5500



7. Kodiak Island Fishing Trip for 2 people

Donated by: Pipestone Veterinary Clinic

Three day fishing /four night lodging trip at Wilderness Beach Lodge in Port Lions, Kodiak Island Alaska. Package includes: Transportation from Kodiak City to the Lodge and back to Kodiak City; Guided fishing trips with our boats; All meals and snacks; Maid service; All bait, tackle, rods and reels; Fish cleaning, Filleting, Vacuum sealing for TWO 50 lb fish boxes. Does not include: Fishing license fees; Alcoholic beverages; Gratuities for guides and lodge staff. Wilderness Beach Lodge is located on the Beach of Kizhuyak Bay. This is a first-class trip with excellent facilities and the lodge’s charter cruisers are among the best in Alaska. Your Hosts: GF & Deb Kennedy.

Retail value: $4,800.00

Purchased by: PIC
Selling price: $8000


8. Collectible Pig from Dr. Alex Hogg's Personal Collection

Donated by: Mary Lou Hogg

AASV Foundation Heritage Award Recipient Dr. Alex Hogg traveled extensively during his lifetime, visiting 50 states, 60 countries, and all seven continents. On his frequent travels to other lands, Alex often brough home pig figures for his personal collection. Once again, Mary Lou has donated a pig from his collection to the AASV Foundation. The pig we are auctioning this year is a couple of inches tall and about 3 1/2 inches long. It is made of grey marble and Mary Lou says it would make a great paperweight!

Purchased by: M.J. Biologicals
Selling price: $700



9. Vermilion Bay, Ontario Vacation for Five People

Donated by: Quentin Bottorff

Enjoy a private getaway for up to five people in Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada! You'll spend one week (six nights - Sunday to Saturday), at Quentin Bottorff's Canadian Cabin in Vermilion Bay, Ontario.

All expenses paid, except travel.  Quentin Bottorff will cook, bartend, guide, and clean your fish....and tell bad jokes. Dates to be determined, subject to ownership use. Recommended dates: For a guys trip: Mid-September to mid-October; August for families.

Retail value: $2500+

Purchased by: Dr. Paul Ruen
Selling price: $3600


10. Minnesota Fishing for Four
Photo of Johnson cabin in Minnesota

Donated by: Rod & Jean Johnson

This all-inclusive fishing trip to the Alexandria area of Minnesota includes three nights and two full days of fishing with one professional guide per two people; all bait and tackle provided. Boats are first-class, tournament-style Rangers, very well-equipped with electronics and "creature comforts." You will be guests of Rod and Jean Johnson, have their log home to enjoy, with Jean as your private chef. For more information contact Rod Johnson: rodney.johnson@avmaplit.com.

Retail value: $3000

Purchased by: Dr. Brian Roggow
Selling price: $3600



11. Carlisle Academy Shotgun Instruction Package

Donated by: Boehringer Ingelheim

WOW! This Carlisle Academy Shotgun Clinic includes a full day of shooting instruction with shotgun champion Will Fennell, Jr. (www.willfennell.com). Along with this day of instruction, the successful bidder will receive a Beretta 391 Urika Sporting Shotgun (including a custom gun fitting session, an airline-approved gun case, and all ammunition for the school), shooting glasses from Hi-Def Specs, a Beretta shooting vest and range bag, and all transportation, lodging, and related expenses.

This event can be shared with up to 4 additional shooters for an additional $250 per day plus transportation.

Retail value: $4450

Purchased by: Dr. Barry Kerkaert
Selling price: $5600


12. Handmade Quilt

Donated by Mary Ann Curran

You may recall that last year, Mary Ann created and donated a quilt in honor of Dr. Bernie Curran, her late husband and AASV's 2007 Swine Practitioner of the Year. You can imagine there were a few tears shed as Mary Ann stitched her love and memories into the quilt during the months following Bernie's passing. With that in mind, the AASV Foundation Auction Committee couldn't bear for the quilt to leave the family, so they pooled their resources to out-bid everyone at the auction and, after paying $8500 for the quilt to support the Foundation, surprised Mary Ann and her family by gifting the quilt back to them. You can imagine there were a few more tears shed at the auction, and they weren't all Mary Ann's, either...

Mary Ann is now busy creating a NEW quilt for this year's auction...and yes, we expect the buyer to keep this quilt. It is not the same as last year's quilt, but you will notice similarities in the fabric and design. Mary Ann has included a commemoration of AASV's 40th anniversary in the center, and past AASV annual meeting cities appear in the border encircling the quilt.

Retail value: Priceless!

Purchased by: Dr. Mike Strobel
Selling price: $4100



13. John Deere Gator TS

Donated by: Fort Dodge Animal Health

Wow - what can we say? Check out the specs of this awesome machine on the John Deere website. Here are a few details:

  • 351 cc (11.1 hp), air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-cycle Kawasaki gasoline engine
  • 16-gauge steel, 10.1 cu ft capacity cargo box hauls up to 500 lb (227 kg)
  • Towing capacity of 900 lb (408 kg) on level terrain
  • Rear wet disk brakes provide excellent stopping power and minimal maintenance
  • Low center of gravity enhances stability and handling for assurance at higher speeds and on inclines
Ability to Go Anywhere
  • Rear traction assist locks the rear drive wheels together to push through tough spots
  • High-flotation tires result in minimal ground impaction
  • Top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h)
Easy to Use
  • Best-in-class 25 inch (63.5 cm) cargo box load height allows for easy loading and unloading
  • Features include mid-back seats, cup holders, 12v outlet, glove box, and fuel gauge

Retail value: $6200 plus shipping costs

Purchased by: Dr. Joe Connor
Selling price: $8000



Silent Auction

Items #14 to #63 will be offered during the AASV Foundation Silent Auction

The items will be on display in the Grand Hall at the Sheraton Dallas on Monday, March 9. Bids will be accepted throughout the day until the silent auction closes during the AASV Awards Reception, as announced by the auctioneer.

BID NOW! Submit your bid to the AASV Foundation by email (aasv@aasv.org) or phone (515-465-5255) prior to March 3.



14, 15, 16. Scates and Currie Jewelry Miniatures

Donated by: Karen Scates; Scates and Currie

Karen Scates is a juried member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsman, and she has been creating wood miniatures for over twenty years, specializing in 1/12 scale miniatures of musical instruments.Her exquisite work is featured in galleries and shops throughout Kentucky and surrounding states. She also happens to be the bookkeeper for AASV member Dr. Rick Tubbs, and has graciously agreed to donate a butterfly pin and two pairs of earrings (Celtic cross and Violin). Check out the Scates and Currie web site for more samples of Karen's work!

Retail value: $20 per item

14. Butterfly pin

Purchased by: Dr. Jer Geiger
Selling price: $30

15. Celtic Cross earrings

Purchased by: Dr. Amy Vincent
Selling price: $20

16. Violin earrings

Purchased by: Dr. J.D. Fiechtner
Selling price: $50



17. Swarovski 10 x 42 EL Binoculars

Donated by: DeWaay Capital Management

These high quality binoculars, long known as the "Best of the Best" for image clarity and brightness, are extremely lightweight with a housing of magnesium alloy. Rumor (as yet unconfirmed) has it that these are the binoculars that Sarah Palin uses to keep an eye on the Russians from her house! They feature 10x magnification with large 42mm objective lenses, new "easy to clean" external coatings, and wide-angle eyepieces for an extra large field of view. The retail value of this exceptional optical instrument is $2110.

Purchased by: Dr. Rod and Jean Johnson
Selling price: $2290


18. Ladies' Handknitted Sweater

Donated by: Dr. Judi Bell, JSHAP Associate Editor

The Associate Editor for the Journal of Swine Health and Production, Dr. Judi Bell, doesn't like to draw attention to herself, but you may have seen her at the AASV Annual Meeting last year wearing a lovely hand-knitted sweater. You may not have known that she knitted the sweater herself! Judi graciously volunteered to knit a sweater especially for the AASV Foundation Auction. It's a ladies size medium, knitted from yarn that is 75% acrylic and 25% wool. That's not Judi in the photo - Judi wears size small, so one of her friends agreed to model the sweater for the camera.

Retail value: $100 (value of yarn, before knitting)

Purchased by: Dr. Jer Geiger
Selling price: $100


19. AASV Commemorative Leaded Glass Panel

Donated by: Dr. John and Andrea Baker

We don't have a photo yet, but Dr. John Baker and his wife have commissioned an artist to create a leaded glass panel celebrating 40 years of AASV! The panel measures 18" x 18", and is framed in oak, ready for hanging. This is an original, one-of-a-kind piece; there won't be another one like it - ever!

Retail value: $250

Purchased by: Dr. Dale Hendrickson
Selling price: $700



20. Four Tickets: Green Bay Packers Conference Opener!

Donated by: Drs. Paul Mleziva, Butch Baker, Art Mueller, and Warren Wilson

Kick off the football season in grand style with three friends or family members at Lambeau Field. The winning bidder will receive four tickets for box seats at the Green Bay Packers' first home conference game. And that's not all - the package includes a VIP parking pass and admission to an incredible tailgating party!

Retail value: $1000

Purchased by: Dr. Randy Simonson
Selling price: $2650



21. Four Tickets: Indianapolis Colts Football Game

Donated by: Elanco Animal Health

The winning bidders of this item will receive tickets for four prime, lower level seats to one Indianapolis Colts home football game in the newly-opened Lucas Oil Stadium. Coming from out of town? Elanco will also provide one night's stay at a downtown Indianapolis hotel.

Go Blue!

Retail value: $1000

Purchased by: Dr. Todd Williams
Selling price: $1000



22. Bose Wave® Music System

Donated by: Ralco Nutrition, Inc.

Anyone who has ever listened to their favorite music on a Bose Wave® Radio recognizes the unmatched performance of this technological marvel. This sleek, compact radio fits on the Bookshelf but fills the room with unbelievably rich, accurately reproduced sound. Control is convenient with the credit card-sized remote, included.In addition to the AM/FM radio, the Music System features a CD player and alarm clock. An auxiliary jack lets you use your Wave® radio II for lifelike sound with your iPod of MP3 player, computer, TV or DVD player. Or plug your headphones into the convenient headphone jack for private listening. The ways to enjoy your music system are endless!

Retail value: $500

Purchased by: Dr. Lisa Tokach
Selling price: $550


23. Bose QuietComfort® 3 Noise Cancelling® Headphones

Donated by: Swine Veterinary Services (Greensburg, Indiana)

If you are tired of squealing pigs or squealing kids, this will fix you up! Slip on these noise cancelling headphones and plug in your iPod or stereo receiver (see above) and enjoy. No outside noise and hear your music like you never have!

The earcups of these comfortable, lightweight headphones rest gently upon your ears (in contrast to larger, "over the ear" models).

Retail value: $350

Purchased by: Dr. Steve Sornsen
Selling price: $300



24. Set of Two Cedar Adirondack Chairs with Ottomans

Donated by: Newsham Choice Genetics

Whether your home or cabin has a porch, deck, or patio, you're going to want to spend more time there after you purchase this pair of Adirondack chairs with accompanying ottomans. Enjoy sipping your favorite beverage while you watch the sun rise (or set), read a magazine, work your crossword or sudoku puzzle, converse with your spouse or family member, take a nap...the possibilities are endless!

This set of two Adirondack chairs with ottmans (4 pieces) was hand-crafted from cedar and finished with oil by DSB Woodworking (woodworking business of Newsham's Dr. David Baum, who also happens to be an AASV member). Newsham will ship the chairs directly to the buyer after the auction.

Retail value: $950

Purchased by: Anonymous
Selling price: $950


25. Clifty Farm Whole Country Ham

Donated by: Tosh Farms

When was the last time you tasted real Tennessee Country Ham? If you're like most people, you're always looking for something unique to serve at home and send to friends and business associates. Well, here's the real thing: A Clifty Farm Whole Country Ham, donated by Tosh Farms, the largest swine producer in Tennessee. This succulent, 18-20# unsliced whole ham has been cured the old fashioned Tennessee way to provide a delicate flavor you won't find in your usual grocery store ham. Clifty Farm will ship the ham free of charge directly to the winning bidder, complete with instructions for cutting, cooking, and storing.

Retail value: $70

Purchased by: Dr. Rick Tubbs
Selling price: $80



26. Aqua-Vu Explorer 7 and Motorized Tripod

Donated by: AVMA PLIT

Calling all ice fishermen (and women): this camera and tripod package will transform your next fishing excursion! The Aqua-Vu Explorer 7 is an underwater camera with 100 feet of camera cable for lowering into the depths of the lake. The anti-spook Fish Cam with built-in light system displays what's happening below on the 7-inch black & white CRT monitor. Take a look at the videos on the Aqua-Vu website for a sample of what's possible with this amazing equipment!

To make it even better, the Motorized Ice Pod 2 is included - the tripod holds the camera stable at any depth, and the wireless remote control allows you to rotate the camera direction 360 degrees. Carrying case included.

Both units operate off the included 12-volt, 7-amp rechargeable gel cell battery, with charger.

Retail value: $660

Purchased by: Dr. Rod and Jean Johnson
Selling price: $500



27. Taxidermy Services for One Small-game Bird Mount or Skin-mount Fish

Donated by: Dr. Monte and Kim Fuhrman Family

One small game bird mount or skin-mount fish up to 24 inches at Top Notch Taxidermy (www.tntaxidermy.com). Top Notch Taxidermy is an award winning studio with unsurpassed quality workmanship, located in Brookings, SD. This item will be provided in the form of a certificate. Delivery charges to USA destinations are included with the mount.

This is the perfect accompaniment to any of the hunting/fishing trips offered at the auction. It would also make a wonderful gift for the sporting enthusiast in your life!

Retail value: $250

Purchased by: Dr. Tom Gillespie
Selling price: $250



28. Basket of Fantastic Photo Frames

Donated by: Dr. Peggy Anne Hawkins


OK, it's time to get those vacation photos and family portraits out of the box and on display! It will be fun and easy with this varied assortment of photo frames for your desk, walls, and shelves!

Retail value: $50

Purchased by: Andrea Baker
Selling price: $30


29. Basket of Decadent Chocolates

Donated by: Dr. Peggy Anne Hawkins


Treat yourself or surprise someone else with this wonderful basket full of premium chocolates. Mmmmm.

Retail value: $60

Purchased by: Dr. Bill Hollis
Selling price: $60


30. Bowl of Bamboo

Donated by: Dr. Peggy Anne Hawkins


Update your kitchen with this durable and attractive bowl filled with bamboo utensils. Or, are you looking for the perfect wedding or housewarming gift? This could be it!

Retail value: $100

Purchased by: Carol Waddell
Selling price: $75


31, 32. Two Family Registrations for the Boundary Waters Veterinary Conference

Donated by: Dr. David Bane (conference registrations) and Dr. Charlie Francisco - Intervet/Schering-Plough (lodging)

The third Boundary Waters Veterinary Conference will provide science-based information to veterinarians serving clients that produce and market natural and organic food animals. The conference will be held August 13-15, 2009 at Vermilion Community College, Ely, Minnesota. Eight CE credits will be offered in this pristine vacation setting. Lodging will be provided for 2 veterinarians and their families August 12, 13, and 14 at Deer Ridge Resort in Ely. Additional conference information is available at www.bwcaw-vetconf.com.

Retail Value: $850 per each registration and lodging package

31. Purchased by: Dr. John Waddell
Selling price: $175

32. Purchased by: Dr. Nathan Winkelman
Selling price: $200




33 - 38. Six " Pride of Iowa" Pork Gift Packs

Donated by: Swine Vet Center, St. Peter, Minnesota

Fire up the grill! Swine Vet Center has donated SIX individual gift packs of delicious quality pork from Reicks View Farms, a 5th generation Iowa pork producer. Each gift pack contains the following assortment of tempting pork delicacies, and will be shipped to the buyer anywhere in the continental US:

1 Garlic Pepper Premium Pork Loin
1 lb. package of Applewood Smoked Black Peppered Bacon
1 container precooked Pulled BBQ Pork
1 Applewood Smoked Country Style Boneless Ham
1 Package of 4 Boneless Pork Loin Chops
1 lb. package of precooked Bratwurst
1 package of Baby Back Pork Ribs
1 package of Naturally Smoked Pork Snack Sticks
1 Pork Summer Sausage

You can learn more about Reicks View Farms and their tasty pork products at www.reicksviewfarms.com.

Retail value of each Pork Gift Pack, including shipping: $100

33. Purchased by: Dr. David Reeves
Selling price: $125

34. Purchased by: Dr. Mitch Michalak
Selling price: $110

35. Purchased by: Dr. Rod and Jean Johnson
Selling price: $100

36. Purchased by: Dr. Peggy Anne Hawkins
Selling price: $130

37. Purchased by: Dr. Tom Wetzell
Selling price: $100

38. Purchased by: Dr. Erin Johnson
Selling price: $100



39 - 53. AASV Commemorative Etched Glassware

Donated by: Dr. John E. Baker

Once again, Dr. John Baker has commissioned a local artist to engrave quality glassware with the AASV logo to commemorate the annual meeting (don't forget, this is AASV's 40th year!). These items were very popular at last year's auction, so bid early and check the bidding sheets often! There will be a separate bid sheet for each item or set of items:

39. 1 set of 6 Pilsner 24-oz Beer Glasses (retail value: $72.00)
Purchased by: Dr. Peggy Anne Hawkins
Selling price: $220

40. 1 set of 5 Pilsner 24-oz Beer Glasses (retail value: $72.00)
Purchased by: Dr. Paul Ruen
Selling price: $120

41. Glass Platter (retail value: $25.00)
Purchased by: Dr. Alan Scheidt
Selling price: $80

42. Glass Platter (retail value: $25.00)
Purchased by: Dr. Jer Geiger
Selling price: $80

43. Glass Platter (retail value: $25.00)
Purchased by: Dr. Paul Ruen
Selling price: $95

44. Glass Platter (retail value: $25.00)
Purchased by: Dr. Jen Greiner
Selling price: $85

45. Small Cookie Jar (retail value: $25.00)
Purchased by: Dr. Gordon Spronk
Selling price: $125

46. Medium Cookie Jar (retail value: $30.00)
Purchased by: Dr. Gordon Spronk
Selling price: $125

47. Large Cookie Jar (retail value: $40.00)
Purchased by: Dr. Butch Baker
Selling price: $140

48. Glass Ice Bucket (retail value: $55.00)
Purchased by: Dr. Kerry Keffaber
Selling price: $200

49. 1 set of 4 Coffee Mugs (retail value: $40.00)
Purchased by: Dr. Jen Greinger
Selling price: $110

50. 1 set of 2 Coffee Mugs (retail value: $40.00)
Purchased by: Dr. Lisa Becton
Selling price: $70

51. 1 Riga Platter (retail value: $65.00)
Purchased by: Dr. Tom Gillespie
Selling price: $75

52. 1 set of 4 Beer Mugs (retail value: $60.00)
Purchased by: Dr. Matt Anderson
Selling price: $75

53. 1 set of 4 Beer Mugs (retail value: $60.00)
Purchased by: Dr. Paul Ruen
Selling price: $90



54. Framed Art: PRRS Virus

Donated by: IDEXX Laboratories

While you may have seen more of PRRS in your practice than you care to think about, this unusual piece of art transforms the virus that's wreaked havoc in the swine industry from a disease into decor! It's a Maine artist's rendition of the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. The print will be framed and ready for display in your home or office.

Retail value: $400

Purchased by: Bill Marks, MJ Biologicals
Selling price: $500


55, 56, 57. Wildlife Photographic Prints by Joe Barban

Donated by: Dr. Joe Connor, Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd.

This year, Carthage Veterinary Service is offering three framed 13" x 19" images, signed by photographer Joe Barban. Joe's photographs were very popular at last year's auction, and after taking a look at a preview of this year'simages below, we're sure you'll agree that's certain to be true once again. The images are framed with a double mat and non-glare glass. Retail Value: $500 per image.

55. Eagle Silhouette
Purchased by: Mark Stapleton
Selling price: $300

56. One-Room Schoolhouse in Winter
Purchased by: Dr. Kelly Greiner
Selling price: $275

57. Glacier Creek
Purchased by: Dr. Bill Minton
Selling price: $250



58. Horn-Tooting Pig

Donated by: AVMA PLIT

Every pig veterinarian needs a pig that's able to toot its own horn! Perfect for the garden, home, or office, this whimsical horn-tooting pig will make your visitors smile. What's he playing? We imagine it could be any number of tunes...I'm Dreaming of a Swine Christmas, Swinee River, or One Swine Day, to name a few possibilities.

"Mr. Jazz" is constructed of dark brown metal, and is about 2 1/2 feet tall and 15 inches wide. Don't hesitate to bid - there's only one of him, and we're sure he's going to be a hit!

Retail value: $20

Purchased by: Dr. Paul Armbrecht
Selling price: $250


59. Beretta 391 Urika 12-gauge Shotgun


Donated by: Jeff Kenkel/Pro Med Animal Health

Distilling almost 500 years of firearms heritage into one extraordinary shotgun, Beretta has invested the 391 Urika with superior design, operation, versatility and handling for consistent performance shot after shot.

Whether it's sporting clays or bird hunting in the field, this is the gun for you!

Retail value: $1150

Purchased by: Dr. Joe Rudolphi
Selling price: $1300



60, 61. Handcrafted AASV Copper Placque

Donated by: Dr. Joaquin Becerril

The artisans in Dr. Becerril's part of Mexico are well known for their skill in copperwork, and Dr. Becerril has commissioned a copper plaque featuring the AASV logo just for the AASV Foundation Auction. Measuring approximately 9" x 12", this unique piece of copper workmanship will let everyone know that you're proud to be a member of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians! Dr. Becerril has donated TWO plaques, so you have two chances to take home a lovely memento of the meeting! We don't have a photo of this year's plaque yet, so we're displaying a photo of one from last year.

Retail value: $75

60. Purchased by: Dr. Butch Baker
Selling price: $160

61. Purchased by: Dr. Angie Delks
Selling price: $165



62. One year subscription to Dean & DeLuca's Artisan Exclusives Wine Club

Donated by: Pfizer Animal Health

Need to wind down a bit after a long day in the field or at the office? Do it in style with this one-year subscription to Dean & DeLuca's Artisan Exclusives Wine Club. The Artisan Exclusives Club offers hard-to-find wines from the best boutique wineries in California. If you're the winning bidder of this wine club subscription, you will receive 3 selections per month for 12 months, delivered directly to your mailing address. As a wine club member, you'll also be eligible for exclusive case discounts. This subscription is valued at $1200, and is provided for the AASV Foundation Auction by Pfizer Animal Health.

Retail value: $1200

Purchased by: Dr. Jim Lowe
Selling price: $1200


63. Easter Pig Basket

Donated by: Gwyn Scheidt

This cute pig basket sports Easter bunny ears and its roomy belly is chock-full of toys and goodies. Squeeze the magic button and it oinks for you!

Purchased by: Dr. Bill Hollis
Selling price: $50



64. Bass Pro Shops $200 Gift Certificate

Donated by: MVP Laboratories

This item needs no explanation! With the spring fishing season quickly approaching, who can resist a shopping spree at Bass Pro?

Purchased by: Dr. Mike Schelkopf
Selling price: $250



65. Time Zone Desk Clock

Donated by: MVP Laboratories

This handy desk clock lets you know what time it is all around the world! Make sure your clients in China are awake before you call!

Purchased by: Mark Stapleton
Selling price: $125



66. Wooden Indian Dancer

Donated by: AMVEC (Mexico's Swine Veterinary Association) - Dr. Roberto Soto Yepiz

Purchased by: Dr. Warren Wilson
Selling price: $40



67. Nebraska Snare

Donated by: Dr. John Waddell

Purchased by: Dr. Dave Kaminski
Selling price: $31



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