Bigger and better in Texas? You bet!

AASV Foundation Live & Silent Fundraising Auctions
Monday, March 3, 2014
AASV 2014 Annual Meeting
Dallas, Texas

It will be a challenge to surpass the results of the record-setting 2013 AASV Foundation fundraising auction, but Auction Committee chairman Dr. Daryl Olsen has no intention of sitting back and basking in the glory of last year’s amazing fundraising effort. Rather, he wants to spur the Foundation to a new era of stability AND ability by increasing the foundation’s endowment so it can generate sustainable, substantial funding that will have a meaningful impact on the swine veterinary profession for years to come. He’s counting on another strong auction (or two) to help reach the foundation board’s goal of achieving an endowment of $1 million by the year 2015.

Of course, Dr. Olsen is also counting on AASV members and industry to amaze him once again with enthusiastic participation in the 2014 fundraising auction, which will take place where all things are said to be bigger and better: Texas!  Here’s how YOU can lend your support:

1) Donate an item for the auction by December 2 (donation due date extended to December 31 - donate now!)

Do it now! Download the donation form and submit a description of your item(s). Your contribution will be recognized in the printed auction catalog as well as on the Auction Website, and your name will appear in the JSHAP full-page spread recognizing all of our auction item donors.  If that’s not enough, there’s a good chance Dr. Harry Snelson will say something witty about your donation in the AASV e-Letter, too!

Be creative and have fun! Successful auction items in the past have included handcrafted items, hunting and fishing trips, antiques, sporting equipment, books, electronics, artwork, jewelry and accessories, furniture, tickets to sporting events, lawnmowers and utility vehicles, and of course anything featuring pigs!

2) Raffle ticket, anyone?

Last year’s raffle raised nearly $24,000, so it’s a pretty good bet you’ll have another opportunity to support the foundation for a chance to win some incredible prizes. Stay tuned - and remember, you don’t have to be present at the AASV Annual Meeting to support the foundation!

3) Volunteer

Are you good at making friends and influencing people? Or stepping on toes and twisting arms? Either way, you’d make a great addition to the AASVF Auction Committee! Contact Dr. Olsen or the AASV office if you would like to help make the 2014 auction bigger and better than ever.

Remember, proceeds from the auction enable funding for AASV Foundation programs designed to “ensure the future…create a legacy” for swine veterinarians, such as:

  • Administering endowments for the Howard Dunne and Alex Hogg Memorial Lectures
  • Administering the Hogg Scholarship for a swine veterinarian pursuing an MS or PhD
  • Administering funding for Veterinary Student Scholarships
  • Co-sponsoring travel stipends for veterinary students attending the AASV Annual Meeting
  • Providing swine externship grants to veterinary students
  • Funding swine research with direct application to the profession
  • Administering funding for the National Pork Industry Foundation Internship Stipends
  • Providing support for Heritage Videos
  • Funding AASV student interns

AASV Foundation 2014 Auction Committee

Daryl Olsen, chair
Matt Anderson
Butch Baker
John E. Baker
Joe Connor
Scanlon Daniels
Tom Gillespie
Peggy Anne Hawkins
Rod Johnson
Ruth Loula
Darrell Neuberger
Max Rodibaugh
Larry Rueff
Tom Wetzell
Warren Wilson