Let's Go for the Gold!

AASV Foundation Live & Silent Fundraising Auctions
Monday, March 11, 2019
AASV's 50th Annual Meeting
Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), Florida

Donate an Auction Item

Orlando, what a great place to be visiting and relaxing with friends, colleagues, and family at the end of a hard winter. Undoubtably this is the family vacation center of the world. As you know, this meeeting marks a great milestone in the history of AASV (AASP). We achieved 50 years and it is time to celebrate, but also a time for reflection and commitment. Please give back to AASV at our foundation auction, thus assuring a legacy for those yet to come.

The Foundation Auction Committee is calling this our semicentennial for a great reason. Fifty years of AASV stardom will soon be past and it is nearly certain another 50 years will proceed. In the UK and other Commonwealth countries, a golden jubilee celebration is held in the 50th year of a monarch's reign. While there have been no monarchs in our realm, our dedicated leaders and members have built a profession to last. There has been much progress over the past 50 years through dedicated leadership producing a world-class organization based on cumulative experience, shared scientific progress, and new technological breakthroughs. We are here to stay and remain relevant to vetererinary medicine and the swine industry.

From another perspective, a golden wedding anniversary is a celebration of 50 years of life spent together and great things accomplished with love and commitment. Typically, a 50th anniversary is considered a great honor for that couple's endurance, love, and devotion. Golden wedding anniversaries should be marked with memorable gifts and celebrations. Likewise, we have given our hearts and commitments to AASV and our clients, thus it is time to celebrate our 50th year and contribute memorable gifts supporting the lasting existence of AASV through the Foundation.

Donate an Auction Item

Your 2019 auction committee is actively soliciting donations for the auction. If you have questions or just want to discuss possibilities, please contact any of the committee members. Download the donation form at www.aasv.org/foundation/2019/Donationform.pdf and submit a description and image of your item(s) by December 1. Your contribution will be recognized in the printed auction catalog as well as on the auction website, and your name will appear in the JSHAP full-page spread recognizing all of our auction item donors. If that’s not enough, there’s a good chance Dr. Harry Snelson will say something witty about your donation in the AASV e-Letter, too!

The AASV Foundation is committed to ensuring the future of the swine veterinary profession. Proceeds from the auction enable funding for AASV Foundation programs, including:

  • Administering endowments for the Howard Dunne and Alex Hogg Memorial Lectures
  • Administering the Hogg Scholarship for a swine veterinarian pursuing an MS or PhD
  • Administering funding for Veterinary Student Scholarships
  • Funding scholarships for veterinarians pursuing board certification in the American College of Animal Welfare
  • Co-sponsoring travel stipends for veterinary students attending the AASV Annual Meeting
  • Providing swine externship grants to veterinary students
  • Funding swine research with direct application to the profession
  • Providing support for Heritage Videos
  • Providing tuition support for out-of-state veterinary students to attend the Swine Medicine Education Center

AASV Foundation Auction Committee

Butch Baker, chair
Natalie Baker
Laura Bruner
Dyneah Classen
Joe Connor
Jack Creel
Chris Deegan
Jer Geiger
Bill Hollis
Derald Holtkamp
Daryl Olsen
Sarah Probst Miller
Nathan Schaefer
Cameron Schmitt
Chase Stahl
Jon Van Blarcom
John Waddell

Questions? Contact committee chairman Butch Baker (515-520-1041, 6456butch@gmail.com) or the AASV office (515-465-5255, aasv@aasv.org).