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Swine Externship Grants

The AASV Foundation provides grants of $200 to $500 to veterinary students who complete an externship of at least two (2) weeks in a swine practice or a university-based or mixed animal practice with a considerable swine component.* The actual amount of the grant is dependent on the costs of the externship and approval of the Foundation. Any AASV student member in veterinary school who fulfills the requirements is eligible to apply. Grants are limited to one per student.

Grant applicants shall be enrolled in an accredited college of veterinary medicine and shall be student members of the AASV. Membership applications may be submitted at the same time as grant applications. The externship shall be in a practice in which at least one veterinarian is a member of the AASV.

The grants are intended to help defray the costs associated with externships. Students and practices shall make the needed arrangements for professional liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage for the student.

*A list of some practices and organizations willing to host students for swine externships is available here. However, some of the listed opportunities, such as ISU’s Swine Veterinary Internship Program (SVIP), do not qualify for the externship grant. Please contact the AASV Foundation if you have any questions regarding a specific opportunity’s eligibility for the grant.

To Apply

Students may apply for a grant by submitting the following prior to the externship (we recommend submitting this as soon as the externship is confirmed):

1) Completed application (incomplete applications shall not be considered),

2) A proposed budget, and

3) Letter from the practice confirming the externship, including:
    •  Dates of externship
    •  Practice member(s) who are AASV members
    •  Brief description of the practice (e.g., % swine; # of veterinarians, etc.)
    •  Brief description of the externship

Grant Disbursement

The grant will be disbursed after successful completion of the externship. Successful completion of the externship requires that the applicant submit the following to the AASV Foundation office:

1) A brief report on the externship,

2) A confirmation from the practice that the applicant completed the full term of the externship, and

3) Itemization of actual, total expenses (with receipts), including travel, lodging and meals. If driving a personal vehicle, it is recommended to document and report mileage for reimbursement at the IRS-approved rate in lieu of receipts for fuel. If driving a rental vehicle, receipts should be submitted for rental fees and fuel purchases.

For More Information

AASV Foundation
830 26th Street; Perry , IA 50220