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Veterinary students invited to apply for swine externship grants

The AASV Foundation continues to provide support to veterinary students who participate in a swine externship. The Swine Externship Grant Program is available to all veterinary students in an effort to encourage students to consider a career in swine medicine and enable them to obtain valuable experience in a swine practice. The grant amounts range from $200 to $500 per student, based upon the actual expenses incurred during the externship.

Veterinary students who complete an externship of at least 2 weeks’ duration in a swine practice or a mixed practice with a considerable swine component may apply for the grant. Both the student and at least one member of the hosting practice must be members of the AASV.

In addition to student information, the grant applications requests a letter from the hosting practice containing details of the planned externship. After the externship has been completed and the practice has confirmed the student’s participation, the student submits a brief report of his or her experiences along with expense receipts to the AASV Foundation before the funds are disbursed.

The foundation has awarded grants to 70 students from the United States and Canada since the program’s inception in 2002.

Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to those successfully completing the requirements. Students are encouraged to submit their grant applications as soon as they have confirmed their externship dates. The grants are limited to one per student.

The grant application is available at www.aasv.org/students/externgrant.htm. For more information, contact the AASV office: 830 26th Street, Perry, IA 50220; Tel: 515-465-5255; Fax: 515-465-3832; E-mail: aasv@aasv.org.