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AASV past presidents compete for new donors

In the effort to increase the AASV Foundation endowment to $2 million by the 2019 AASV Annual Meeting, Foundation Chairman Dr John Waddell has issued the AASV Foundation Past Presidents’ Challenge. Waddell is calling upon each of his fellow AASV past presidents to recruit at least three new Leman, Heritage, or Legacy donors. To count towards the goal, the donors can be members who have yet to support the foundation at any level, or those wanting to increase their support from Leman to Heritage or from Heritage to Legacy.

Waddell will recognize the past presidents who achieve the goal of three new donors, and plans to give special recognition to those who secure the most donors within each giving category.

What are you waiting for? Here’s your opportunity to honor your favorite past president and support the AASV Foundation at the same time! A brief description of each foundation giving level follows, and the shaded box contains the roster of AASV past presidents. When you enroll (or increase your contribution to the next level), specify which past president should receive the credit for your participation.


Named for the late industry leader and former AASV president Dr Allen D. Leman, this giving program confers the title of “Leman Fellow” upon those who make a contribution of $1000 or more to the foundation endowment. Send your check to the AASV Foundation, 830 26th Street, Perry, IA 50220-2328 or contribute online at http://ecom.aasv.org/foundation.


The Heritage Fellow program recognizes contributions of $5000 or more. In addition to monetary donations, other giving options such as life insurance policies, estate bequests, and retirement plan assets may be utilized. To enroll, complete the Heritage Letter of Intent available at https://www.aasv.org/foundation/documents/heritageform.pdf.


A donor, multiple donors, or a veterinary practice may establish and name a Legacy Fund with a gift of $50,000 or more. The fund may be named after the donor or another individual or group. The donor designates which of three foundation mission categories the fund’s proceeds will support: 1) research, 2) education, or 3) long-range issues. For details, see https://www.aasv .org/foundation/legacy.php.

For more information about the AASV Foundation’s endowment giving programs, or to make a contribution, see https://www.aasv.org/foundation, or contact the foundation: Tel: 515-465-5255; E-mail: aasv@aasv.org.

AASV past presidents

1969-70 Dr Vaylord Ladwig

1971  Dr Thomas Keefe

1972  Dr Wallace Brandt

1973  Dr David Bechtol

1974  Dr John Berthelsen

1975  Dr Allen Leman

1976  Dr Robert Glock

1977  Dr John Coltrain

1978  Dr Ralph Vinson

1979  Dr Alex Hogg

1980  Dr J. R. Randolph

1981  Dr James Bailey

1982  Dr Steven Henry

1983  Dr LeRoy Biehl

1984  Dr Roy Schultz

1985  Dr Rodney Johnson

1986  Dr Bernard Curran

1987  Dr Wayne Freese

1988  Dr Joseph Connor

1989  Dr L. Kirk Clark

1990  Dr James D. McKean

1991  Dr Jack Anderson

1992  Dr Gary Dial

1993  Dr Timothy Loula

1994  Dr David Reeves

1995  Dr Max Rodibaugh

1996  Dr Howard Hill

1997  Dr Larry Rueff

1998  Dr Rick Tubbs

1999  Dr Alan Scheidt

2000  Dr Robert Morrison

2001  Dr David Madsen

2002  Dr Lisa Tokach

2003  Dr Rick Sibbel

2004  Dr John Waddell

2005  Dr Tom Gillespie

2006  Dr Scott Dee

2007  Dr Daryl Olsen

2008  Dr Kerry Keffaber

2009  Dr R. B. “Butch” Baker

2010  Dr Paul Ruen

2011  Dr Randy Jones

2012  Dr Tara Donovan

2013  Dr Matt Anderson

2014  Dr Michelle Sprague

2015  Dr Ron Brodersen

2016  Dr George Charbonneau