President's message

March and April, 1997

As this is my last President's Message, I would like to take the opportunity to thank some of the people who have helped and supported me so much this past year. I do this with trepidation, as I will undoubtedly leave someone out who I should thank publicly, but no one has ever accused me of being P.C. First, thanks to my wife and family who have supported me by accepting my absence and lack of attention at times without complaint. I also thank my administrative assistants, Laura and Diana, who have helped me the past 2 years with many AASP projects.

Howard Hill

We will have a major change in our AASP management team this next year, as Dr. Tom Neuzil has announced his resignation as the Executive Director of the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association and as our Executive Secretary. Dr. Neuzil has served both of these organizations for 12 years with distinction. He has been recognized for his leadership by being elected President of the American Society of Veterinary Medication Association Executives (ASVMAE). On behalf of all AASP members, the Executive Board, and past AASP officers, I thank Dr. Neuzil for his faithful service to our organization. Dr. Neuzil leaves two capable office staff members, Barb Hunt and Glenda Bagg, whom I also thank for all their help.

The strength of the AASP is its members. I have yet to be disappointed in the efforts of members of this organization, whether it be serving on a committee, preparing a presentation, serving on the Board of Directors, etc. To all of you, I say thank you and I encourage your continued participation in the Association.

We have seen some major pieces of legislation completed this past year that will profoundly affect how we practice veterinary medicine in the future. The Animal Medical Drug Use Clarification Act (AMDUCA) (the "extra-label drug use law") and the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) are the two most notable pieces of legislation. The AASP, along with our colleagues in the food animal industry, played a major role in shaping this legislation. Our goal was to have legislation that assured a safe, wholesome product for the consumer, and that was fair and practical for producers, veterinarians, feed manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies. I thank all of the AASP members who contributed their time and effort to this cause. I would particularly like to thank Dr. Tom Burkgren for coordinating these efforts for the AASP and for communicating all this information to our members.

As the Immediate Past President, I have the honor of serving 1 more year on the Executive Board. Let me assure you that the AASP is in the hands of some excellent leaders. It has been a pleasure working with the Board of Directors and the Executive Committees (Drs. Larry Rueff, Rick Tubbs, Max Rodibaugh, and Al Scheidt) this past year. My best wishes go to Drs. Rueff, Tubbs, and Scheidt and the Board of Directors as they chart the course for the AASP in the future.