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Update on PRRS Activity in MN
May 13, 2015 —  [PRRS]
The recent number of outbreaks of PRRS reported in the N212 region of Minnesota has broken the epidemic threshold. This is the only area in the Midwest experiencing outbreaks of this magnitude at...
PRRS Corner: PRRS Incidence Study Update
March 19, 2014 — Dr. Steven Tousignant [PRRS]
The 2013-2014 PRRS epidemic season continues to be surprisingly different. Using previous four years as a baseline for expected number of breaks, we have observed significantly fewer cumulative new...
PRRS Corner: National PRRS Incidence Project Update
January 29, 2014 —  [PRRS]
Dr. Steven Tousignant, UMN Swine Disease Eradication Center, reports it was a fairly quiet week for PRRS (reporting only 1 new break). The center added two new farms to the database. The new farms...

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