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A Valid PIN is Critical for FAD Preparation
November 28, 2018 —  [FAD]
The National Pork Board reminds producers that a PIN is critical for FAD Preparation: The following information comes from a recent NPB foreign animal disease preparation bulletin. "If you don't...
Foreign Animal Disease Preparation Bulletin
November 21, 2018 — Harry Snelson [FAD]
Click here to read this week's Foreign Animal Disease Preparation Bulletin published by Pork Checkoff in collaboration with AASV, NPPC, SHIC and USDA....
Half-Life Quarantine Time Calculations for Feed Ingredients
October 24, 2018 — Harry Snelson [FAD]
A factsheet produced by AASV, NPB, NPPC and SHIC describing the methodology for establishing quarantine times for feed ingredients based on viral half-life has been posted to the AASV foreign...
USDA Approves Tonsil ASF Testing
October 3, 2018 —  [FAD]
In order to increase the list of sample types approved for African swine fever (ASF) PCR in National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) labs and to include a sample available from deceased...
Five Possible Pathways ASF Could Enter Canada
September 26, 2018 —  [FAD]
The Manager of Canada West Swine Health Intelligence Network says preventing African swine fever (ASF) from entering Canada revolves around biosecurity. The discovery of African swine fever in China...
ASF Presentation Videos Available Online
September 26, 2018 —  [FAD]
Videos of the African swine fever presentations from the 2018 Allen D. Leman Swine Conference are now available online: African Swine Fever - a real and present global threat, Chris Oura - VIDEO ASF...
If ASF Knocks on Your Door, Are You Ready?
September 25, 2018 —  [FAD]
What do African swine fever (ASF) symptoms look like in a pig? What is the procedure hog producers need to follow if a confirmed case shows up in a U.S. herd? What are some talking points producers...
FAD Prevention
September 12, 2018 —  [FAD]
On September 5, 2018, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials met with US pork sector groups, including the American Association of Swine...
U.S. Pork Response -- African Swine Fever Prevention
September 12, 2018 —  [FAD]
On September 5, 2018, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration officials met with U.S. pork sector groups - including the American Association of Swine Veterinarians,...
Reference Information on ASF
September 5, 2018 — Harry Snelson [FAD]
Are you looking for a rapid resource for information on African swine fever? The Center for Food Security and Public Health at Iowa State University has an excellent collection of information...
ASF Update
September 5, 2018 — Harry Snelson [FAD]
New outbreaks of African swine fever were reported in China this week bringing the total number of reported cases to seven. In addition, Bulgaria reported the country's first outbreak of the disease....
African Swine Fever
August 29, 2018 — Harry Snelson [FAD]
Update as of August 29, 2018: China reported its fourth outbreak of African swine fever on August 23rd. The outbreaks are located in four different provinces....
ASF Update
August 15, 2018 —  [FAD]
As of August 15, there are no official reports of additional farms infected with ASF in China. There have been official actions taken by the Chinese government to try to contain the disease and...
ASF Update: China Culls 8,000 Pigs
August 8, 2018 —  [FAD]
The Chinese authorities have culled over 8,000 pigs in an attempt to control the recent African Swine Fever outbreak. [Source: Pig Progress, August 7, 2018] That was
African Swine Fever can be in Germany in 4 Years
June 18, 2018 —  [FAD]
According to a computerised model, African Swine Fever will reach wild boar populations in Germany in about 4 years. That - and more updates - became clear at the recent edition of the International...
Biosecurity Factsheets for International Travel
June 18, 2018 — Harry Snelson [FAD]
The Iowa State University's Center for Food Security and Public Health (CFSPH), in collaboration with AASV and Pork Checkoff, has developed two factsheets addressing biosecurity for international...
What Diseases Are You Bringing Home from IPVS?
June 14, 2018 — Harry Snelson [FAD]
As the 2018 International Pig Veterinary Society meeting in Chongqing, China draws to a close and participants return home, it's important to consider what diseases might be traveling with you....
First Report of African Swine Fever in Hungary
April 25, 2018 —  [FAD]
The first report of African swine fever (ASF) in wild boar in Hungary has been made to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). [Source: The Pig Site, April 23, 2018] Hungary has been...
House Farm Bill Includes FMD 'Vaccine Bank Funding
April 18, 2018 —  [FAD]
The U.S. House Committee on Agriculture has released its 2018 Farm Bill language. The agriculture panel's Farm Bill calls for first-year mandatory funding of $150 million for a Foot-and-Mouth Disease...
NPPC Calls on Government to Fund FMD Vaccine Bank
June 28, 2017 —  [FAD]
The National Pork Producers Council is calling on the U.S. government to provide one billion dollars over five years to fund the creation of a Foot and Mouth Disease vaccine bank. [Source:...

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