Wisconsin Swine Health Rule – Second Webinar

The UW-Extension Swine Team, in conjunction with Wisconsin Pork Association, will be hosting a second webinar to provide details on the swine health rule that establishes herd testing requirements for Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) and Swine Enteric Coronavirus (SECD) in Wisconsin. The webinar will be hosted March 6, beginning at 6 pm. To register for the March 6 webinar, please visit https://goo.gl/nPJp3i. The webinar link is also available on the WPA website at http://www.wppa.org. If you prefer to call in to the webinar over the phone, please use the link to register and call-in information will be provided via email. You may also contact the WPA office at 800-822-7675 for assistance with registering for the webinars.

The March 6 webinar will feature Dr. Gary Onan, UW-River Falls; Dr. Art Mueller, Stateline Ag Management Services; and Dr. Paul McGraw. Dr. Onan will share his experience of having PRRS in the university herd, including how they detected and responded to the virus. Dr. Mueller will provide producers tips on how to create a herd plan should a farm test positive for PRRS and/or SECD, biosecurity recommendations, and practical knowledge on working towards a negative herd.

You can find additional information and resources on this rule by visiting the DATCP website-swine health rule information. Secondly, as a reminder there was a webinar on the swine health rule on February 8 that has been recorded and goes through a lot of questions and answers. You can view that webinar by clicking on the link above.

If you have not already registered for the upcoming March 6 webinar, please remember to do so prior to the 6 pm start time to ensure that you get logged onto the webinar without delay.