Pork Checkoff Offers FAD, Secure Pork Supply Resources Online

In light of the new outbreak of African swine fever in China and the ongoing emphasis on foreign animal disease preparedness, the Pork Checkoff has gathered many of its producer-focused resources at http://www.pork.org/production under the Swine Health tab. [Source: Pork Checkoff, Mike King]

For additional preparation for FADs such as ASF, producers, veterinarians and allied-industry should learn about the Secure Pork Supply Plan by visiting http://www.securepork.org and by reading more in the U.S. Pork Industry Guide to the Secure Pork Supply Plan. This guide explains, in great detail, the rationale of the program, which is funded by the USDA and Pork Checkoff. In order for producers to take advantage of the voluntary program when it becomes fully functional in 2019, they should complete the items outlined in the Checkoff's FAD Preparation Checklist.