Ramirez Named Inaugural Schultz Professorship Recipient

Please join AASV in congratulating immediate past president, Dr. Alex Ramirez, for being named the inaugural recipient of the Roy A. Schultz Professorship in Swine Medicine at Iowa State University!

Besides serving on the AASV Executive Committee for the past four years, Dr. Ramirez co-chaired the Collegiate Activities Committee and co-coordinated the AASV Student Seminar and scholarship competition for many years.

Dr. Schultz is an AASP/V Charter Member and was one of the 30 veterinarians present at the 1969 organizational meeting in Minnesota. He served as AASV President in 1984, was named Swine Practitioner of the Year in 1986, received the Howard Dunne Memorial Award in 1991, and was honored with the AASV Foundation Heritage Award in 2008.