Doc Tales

Normally I try to make Doc Tales an uplifting middle-of-the-week pick me up. But, this week something so offensive and shocking came to my attention that I just feel compelled to use this forum to express my dismay with one of our renowned and influential colleagues. During a serious culinary discussion, this person blurted out that they like ketchup on their brat! Now, usually I'm a live and let live kind of guy but I didn't realize that our society could condone such blasphemy. And, coming from a native Midwesterner none the less. Now granted, this person does spend a lot of their time these days in some pretty hoydie-toydie kinds of towns where they know a lot about brats but obviously very little about Brats. I'm sure you all will agree with me that brats (grilled of course, not boiled) deserve to be adorned with nothing more than a nice mustard, some warm sauerkraut and onions. Ok, if you're entertaining perhaps put out a little sweet relish. But, otherwise it's just a nice big Kaiser bun and a beer. Am I right? Let me know and help me move this person from worst to wurst.