Doc Tales

I recently had a series of meetings back to back which required a string of stays in multiple hotels in a variety of cities. On about the third meeting, I checked into the hotel and went up to the room. After I unpacked my bags, I went to the local Chinese restaurant and picked up a take-out order. Upon returning to the hotel, I went up to my room, dug my key out of my pocket and attempted to unlock the door. The key wouldn't work. I tried it again but to no avail. Frustrated, I lugged my food back down to the front desk. I told the night clerk my name and handed her my key explaining that I was locked out of room 317. After entering my information into her computer, she looked up at me and said, "well first of all, you're in room 319 not 317 and, secondly, this is a Radisson key and you're at the Hampton Inn."