Thank You, AASV Annual Meeting Sponsors!

Members of AASV attending the annual meeting make a substantial investment in the form of registration fees, travel, lodging, meals, and potential loss of income while away from work. However, the cost of attendance would be even greater--or the quality of the meeting experience reduced--if it were not for the financial support provided by corporate sponsors for refreshments, meals, social activities, as well as scholarships and travel stipends for veterinary students. The AASV extends its sincere appreciation for the sponsorship of meeting events by the following companies:

  • Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc (AASV Luncheon)
  • CEVA Animal Health (Refreshment Break Sponsor)
  • DSM Nutritional Products (Exercise Class)
  • Elanco Animal Health (AASV Foundation Veterinary Student Scholarships, Social Media Center)
  • Hog Slat (Refreshment Break Co-sponsor)
  • Merck Animal Health (AASV Awards Reception, Student Swine Trivia Event, Student Reception, AASV Foundation Veterinary Student Scholarships)
  • Newport Laboratories (Veterinary Student Travel Stipends, Veterinary Student Poster Scholarships)
  • Quality Technology International (Refreshment Break Sponsor)
  • Stuart Products (Praise Breakfast)
  • Zoetis (Welcome Reception, AASV Student Seminar and Student Poster Session, AASV Foundation Top Student Presenter Scholarship)

The AASV is also grateful to the 97 companies and organizations that provided support through their participation in the 2019 Technical Tables exhibit. Thank you all!