SMECast Swine Medicine Talk to Feature Dr. Cassandra Jones on March 27

AASV and the Swine Medicine Education Center (SMEC) at Iowa State University (ISU) are excited to extend the invitation for all AASV members view the Swine Medicine Talks: An AASV and SMECast Series for Veterinary Students!

The Swine Medicine Talks are a 3-part swine medicine seminar series, hosted by the AASV student chapter and SMEC at ISU and funded by the AASV student recruitment committee. The series is currently available by live audio/video stream to other veterinary schools across North America and to AASV members, and it is completely free! All you need is internet, the free Zoom application (which you will be prompted to download when you join the meeting below), and audio and video on your computer.

The next lecture will be Wednesday, March 27th, at 6PM CDT. Dr. Cassandra Jones will be presenting on "Feed Mill Biosecurity". Dr. Jones is an associate professor and undergraduate research coordinator in the Department of Animal Sciences & Industry at Kansas State University. She coordinates undergraduate students interested in research projects across disciplines and species and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in nutrition. Her research efforts include evaluating the effects of ingredients or feed processing technologies on feed safety and animal nutrition, including recent work on understanding the role of feed as a potential vector for viral transfer to pigs. She is formally trained as an applied swine nutritionist, having earned her PhD at Iowa State University in 2012. This presentation will overview feed disease transmission, pathogen entry and survival in feed, foreign animal disease contamination risk, feed biosecurity, surveillance, and action plans for disease outbreaks, applications towards other species, and resources students can use to learn more about feed safety.

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Thanks and hope to see you tuned in!

Did you miss the previous lectures? The recordings of previous Swine Medicine Talks have been added to the AASV Video Library and are available for members to view.

If you have any questions please contact CJ Fitzgerald or Dr. Justin Brown.