Phibro Animal Health Makes $25,000 Endowment Match -- Again!

For the third year of its four-year commitment, Phibro Animal Health is contributing $25,000 to the AASV Foundation endowment, thanks in part to strong giving by AASV members. In 2016, the company pledged to donate up to $100,000 over four years by matching $25,000 of the endowed contributions made by AASV members each year. Phibro's most recent match brings the company's total donation to $75,000 so far, with one year remaining in the pledge.

AASV member contributions to the Leman, Heritage, and Legacy programs are endowed and count towards the match total. If you haven't already become a Leman, Heritage, or Legacy donor, help the foundation make the most of this matching opportunity by doing so in 2019. And be sure to thank Phibro Animal Health for their ongoing commitment to support swine veterinarians and the AASV Foundation!