Sequivity(TM) RNA Particle Technology from Merck Animal Health

Ode to Tom from Staff

In charge of AASV
Since 1994.
It really fit to a tee
And was never a bore.
The secret of his success,
He was oft heard to say,
Is to always hire good folks,
And stay out of their way.
Though he never took credit,
It was often deserved.
At the pleasure of the board
He said that he served.
Although he is retiring
His life will be busy.
So many irons in the fire
It's enough to make you dizzy.
Guns for sale and dog food too.
"All in, all done," he'll plead.
Building a machine or two
With his partner a Swede.
All will miss his leadership
And his fatherly way.
It's his humor and friendship
Staff will miss every day.
While we hate to see you go,
We all wish you the best.
Enjoy Sue, Kay and Joel --
Maybe even get some rest!