AASV Member Publishes Book

Long time AASV member Dr. Gregg BeVier has just published a new paperback, Prescriptive Thoughts for an Enriched Life.

I just finished reading it last night. It is a short read, but it is very informative and I really enjoyed it. I have know Dr. BeVier personally for many years and I wanted our membership to get a chance to buy this great book. I have already purchased several copies for my family members. It will be a must read and we'll discuss it later. It is amazing to be able to buy it online at Amazon for just $8.99 and sent free to your residence (Amazon Prime). I just can't imagine how he found enough time to write a book. Please buy a book and enjoy it. It is hard to believe I have been retired for almost five years and I haven't had time to write a book. Go ahead and order it, you'll enjoy it.

Dr. BeVier has been an AASV member since 1981 and delivered the Howard Dunne Memorial Lecture at the 2006 AASV Annual Meeting.

Warren D. Wilson, DVM, MS, Emeritus Dipl ACT