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Doc Tales

I took a little vacation time this week to attend a conference put on by a hobbyist group to which I have belonged for many years. Having never before attended their annual conference, I had no idea what to expect. I walked into a small meeting room and was greeted by about 10 club members standing by the registration table. As I approached, they all looked up and in unison yelled, "Harry!" And, yes, in true Cheers form, they immediately offered me a beer. Although I was temporarily taken aback, it became quickly obvious that I was the first new face they had seen at this conference in quite a long time. A glance around the room highlighted that, among the 40 or so attendees, there were only about 3 of us that weren't actually old enough to drive on the day I was born! I heard one particularly elderly statesman sitting up front "whisper" to his neighbor, "Do you think that's him, the one with all the hair and semi-tight skin?"