AASV Announces Student Seminar Participants for 2020

The AASV is pleased to announce the program for the Student Seminar at the 51st AASV Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Fifty-six veterinary students from 13 universities submitted abstracts for consideration. A panel of six veterinarians representing private practice, industry, and academia reviewed and scored the abstracts to select 15 for oral presentation at the meeting. The panel approved 39 abstracts for poster presentation. Zoetis, sponsor of the Student Seminar and Poster Session, provides a $750 travel stipend to each student selected to participate in the oral session and co-sponsors a $250 stipend for each poster presenter.

At the meeting, the students' oral presentations and written materials will be judged to determine the recipients of AASV Foundation scholarships ranging from $500 to $5000, funded by Elanco Animal Health and Zoetis. The Student Seminar, co-chaired by Drs Andy Bowman and Perle Zhitnitskiy, will take place Sunday, March 8, from 1:00 to 5:15 pm. The scholarship awards will be announced during the noon luncheon on Monday, March 9. The schedule for the Student Seminar oral presentations follows:

Concurrent Session #1: Student Seminar
Sunday, March 8, 2020
1:00 - 5:15 PM
Session Co-chairs: Andrew Bowman and Perle Zhitnitskiy

Sponsored by ZOETIS

1:00 Effects of duration of ultraviolet-C radiation exposure on porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus
Alexia Riley, University of Minnesota

1:15 A comparison of media types used for Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae aerosol exposure
Kelly Hewitt, Iowa State University

1:30 Impact on piglet behavior after use of flunixin meglumine at time of castration
Kathleen Kalbian, University of Pennsylvania

1:45 Evaluation of location and fogger type on disinfectant surface area coverage of supplies entering a commercial sow farm
Kristen Leuck, University of Illinois

2:00 Assessing sampling strategies for optimal detection of influenza A virus in endemically infected pigs post weaning
Molly Neiley, University of Illinois

2:15 A spatial and temporal analysis of cull sow movements
Melissa Hermes, University of Illinois

2:30 A fluid dynamics approach for the evaluation of chemical disinfection via fogger
Rebekah Schultz, University of Illinois


3:15 Causes of lameness in sows euthanized for lameness
Nathan Fanzone, University of Pennsylvania

3:30 Lung homogenate optimization for successful Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae exposure in gilts during acclimation
Megan McMahon, University of Minnesota

3:45 Effect of time and temperature on decontamination of supplies entering a farm
Jessica Kordas, University of Illinois

4:00 Screening the vulnerability of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) introduction in breeding herds using a short survey
Broc Mauch, Iowa State University

4:15 Evaluating the dilution effect for detection of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in processing fluids by PCR
Gabrielle Fry, Purdue University

4:30 Evaluation of foggers and stir fans to improve coverage of fogged disinfectants used in supply entry rooms
Jamie Madigan, North Carolina State University

4:45 Field evaluation of a liquid Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product on lactation performance in sows
Sabra McCallister, North Carolina State University

5:00 Genetic analysis of swine and human influenza A virus subtype H3N2 from 2015-2018 in the United States
Dayna Kinkade, University of Illinois

5:15 Session concludes