Iowa Foreign Animal Disease Preparation Workshops in December

Workshops to help pork producers prepare and protect themselves from foreign animal disease will be available around the state of Iowa in December 2019, hosted by the Iowa Pork Industry Center at Iowa State University in collaboration with the Iowa Pork Producers Association. [Source: IPIC]

Our team wants to help producers understand what the state and federal response might include and how they can individually prepare for a foreign animal disease outbreak on their farm. We want to help producers prioritize action steps and set goals to take on their farm today. These workshops will build on our experiences from our previous workshops and what we learned while observing the African Swine Fever functional exercises in September 2019 (see the exercise summary report). If we can help individual producers prepare, the industry as a whole is more prepared.

Workshops will cover:

  • What to expect during a foreign animal disease outbreak and response
  • Mass depopulation and disposal options
  • Writing your personalized enhanced biosecurity plan
  • How to keep the required movement records
  • Monitoring for clinical signs consistent with an FAD

Individual or small group assistance with enhancing biosecurity and developing a Secure Pork Supply plan for your operation will also be available and can be scheduled upon request. Visit our website for more information about the assistance we have available.

Workshops are scheduled for the following dates and locations. Each workshop will be held from 1:00-4:00 pm with an optional help session from 4:00-5:00 pm.

  • December 2 - Dike, Iowa
  • December 3 - Orange City, Iowa
  • December 4 - Oskaloosa, Iowa
  • December 9 - Ames, Iowa
  • December 10 - Audubon, Iowa
  • December 11 - Tipton, Iowa