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Looking for Swine Veterinarians to Participate in a Perceptions of Euthanasia Online Survey

A Colorado State University research team has received funding from the National Pork Board to conduct a survey with caretakers who perform euthanasia as part of the their job on sow farms. The goal of the research is to gain a detailed understanding of the euthanasia-related experiences of caretakers in order to develop appropriate intervention, support, and training programs to be utilized by employers to help support this important animal care responsibility. The research team has expanded the target population to include swine veterinarians and is looking for interested individuals to participate. Veterinary survey questions are related to method and frequency of euthanasia, training, and decision-making around euthanasia. Participation is voluntary and anonymous and $25 gift cards are provided for participants if they choose to leave an email at the end of the survey (email is not linked to survey responses). The survey is expected to take less than 30 minutes. The survey is still open to caretakers if you know of interested parties. The survey can be accessed directly at this link:

Please contact Dr. Lily Edwards-Callaway, for more information.