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Development and Improvement of an International Webcast Series to Expand the Accessibility of Swine Medicine Resources

Swine medicine resources and caseloads for teaching and supporting extracurricular training activities vary widely among veterinary colleges and are concentrated in specific regions. Student interest and demand for swine medicine training is broader in geographical distribution. This is illustrated by student membership and attendance at the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) annual meetings, for example. To explore how concentrated resources might be made more widely available in a cost-effective manner, the Swine Medicine Education Center (SMEC) at Iowa State University's College of Veterinary Medicine looked for ways to leverage existing extracurricular resources with a broader geography of schools and students. This article describes the organization of student chapters of the AASV and the outcomes of a multi-session live audio and video webcast focused on swine medicine topics across North America over a 3-year period. SMEC organized the series with funding provided by the AASV and AASV Foundation. The broadcast series covered a wide range of swine-related topics, including pet pigs, emerging diseases, and regulation of antimicrobials. In its third year, 25 North American and 4 international veterinary schools participated in the series and provided feedback from attendees.

Ruston C, Brown J, Canning P, Monahan V, Fitzgerald C, Skoland K, Kittrell H, Hayman K, Karriker L. Development and improvement of an international webcast series to expand the accessibility of swine medicine resources. J Vet Med Ed. 2020 May.