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Foreign Animal Disease Preparation Bulletin

Read the latest Foreign Animal Disease Preparation Bulletin brought to you by the Pork Checkoff, in collaboration with the National Pork Producers Council, Swine Health Information Center, USDA, and AASV.

Headlines include:

  • Federal Agents Seize Almost 10 Tons of Illegal Meat at California Port
  • ASF Hits India; Continues in Poland, Asia and Beyond
  • Pirbright: SARS-CoV-2 Can Enter Animal Cells in Lab Setting
  • Taiwan Granted FMD-Free Status
  • ASF Realities Put Focus on Robust Biosecurity, Shareable Data
  • USDA Updates ASF Response Plan
  • Industry Gains Keen Insights for ASF during COVID-19
  • Checkoff Offers Host of COVID-19 Resources
  • Herd Depopulation and Carcass Disposal Info
  • ASF Present in Over 50 Countries
  • African Swine Fever Risk Calls for Action
  • AgView Platform Development Continues
  • Key Facts to Know About African Swine Fever
  • FAD Resources from Pork Checkoff and Other Industry Partners

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