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Updated: Understanding Muzzle Energy Euthanasia Fact Sheet

The National Pork Board has updated the factsheet, Understanding Muzzle Energy Euthanasia. Updates include preliminary data from on-going research about the selection of proper caliber and ammunition.

"Of note, preliminary data from on-going research supported by the National Pork Board (June, 2020) has determined that full metal jacket (FMJ) ammunition in both .38 special and 9 mm caliber (> 300 ft- lb.) will penetrate the contralateral portion of the skull in market- weight animals with enough remaining energy to create a worker safety issue. Therefore, these caliber/ammunition combinations are NOT recommended as a means of safe and efficacious euthanasia. This is a primary concern as FMJ ammunition is readily available at this time and would likely become the projectile of choice in this caliber if individuals are faced with a mass- depopulation scenario within their production system.*Additional data from this NPB research would suggest that a .22 caliber copper- plated bullet (FMJ) at ~150 ft- lb. energy is safe and effective when properly placed."

The factsheet can be accessed directly here or in the Swine Euthanasia and Depopulation Resources Toolbox.

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