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The Executive Seminar on International Agribusiness

Important developments on a global basis and changes in consumer lifestyles will continue to offer exciting challenges for agribusiness executives as they develop strategies for their organizations. AgGlobalVision has developed a leading agribusiness educational experience for international executives that will help them to better position their organizations to respond to changes that impact global food systems. The Seminar's vision of local relevancy with global preeminence will ensure the alignment of high quality standards for this program. The University of Georgia, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences is supporting this initiative.

Agribusiness encompasses all aspects of the food chain participants including suppliers, producers, processors, retail, food service, restaurants, and governments. This Executive Seminar on International Agribusiness is an annual, three-day meeting for international agribusiness executives to network and learn from colleagues in the industry about relevant global issues that may impact their organizations. Key speakers, case studies, study groups, and novel learning tools will be used to illustrate important principles. The content will focus on real-time topics of interest and the participants will be senior executives in global agribusiness. The networks established during the program and study groups will be a key benefit for participants. As the food chain consolidates, many people are searching for ways to connect with others. This program provides a professional venue for contact interaction and will provide an opportunity for peers to understand the thought processes of others when addressing similar problems identified in the case studies.

The international focus will be facilitated by the use of global case studies and by attendance of international participants. English will be the spoken and written language, and faculty will be selected based on the required subject matter expertise. Targeted organizations to be invited will include international agribusiness firms having annual sales above $50M. The program participants will include Board Members, CEOs, COOs, General Managers, Country Managers, Global/Regional division heads and related positions, making this Seminar a truly international executive meeting. Tuition, fees, and meals will be priced at $6,000 per participant for the annual three-day meeting. The first seminar will be on June 13-15, 2007 at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Buckhead, a beautiful location in midtown Atlanta, GA, USA, where a block of rooms are reserved for participants.

Additional information is available at http://www.agglobalvision.com or by contacting Dr. Gregg BeVier (770-330-5220) or by email at gbevier@mac.com.