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Mycotoxin Web Seminar

WATT Publishing is sponsoring a free web seminar presenting the latest information regarding mycotoxins in animal feeds.

The online seminar, scheduled for January 16, 2007 at 11:00am EST, will be conducted by Dr. Gerardo Morantes, Business Development Manager for Cargill Animal Nutrition, and Dr. George Rottinghaus, Associate Professor in the Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The participants will discuss the causes of mycotoxin increase, the discoveries that have been made regarding contamination, the most important factors affecting grain quality throughout the supply chain, as well as the use of risk management tools of mold contamination and mycotoxin production.

During the one-hour seminar, participants will be able to view the presentations and submit questions. Registration is required as is a high speed internet connection.

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