Michigan PRV Update--July 2

The Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) and USDA VS have identified all swine herds in the Cheboygan, Gladwin and Saginaw Counties five-mile epidemiological circles. The door-to-door activities to find additional herds for testing in these circle areas have been terminated.

Operations confirmed the depopulation of the PRV positive breeding facility. Two sport shooting ranches have removed remaining swine, but still need official confirmation by USDA WS that the premises have been completely depopulated.

One facility remains to be depopulated. MDA and USDA WS are actively familiarizing the swine on the remaining game ranch with traps in order to safely and efficiently remove the swine from the premises.

The owners of the PRV positive shooter swine have been extremely helpful and cooperative during the depopulation activities.

Cleaning and disinfecting (C&D) will be initiated within 30 days of depopulation (weather permitting - severe thunderstorms in Michigan have delayed the start of C&D). MDA will cover the cost of C&D.

Education and Outreach:
A document outlining Michigan's PRV Eradication Program is available on-line at:

Swine going through sale rings must go directly to slaughter.