ISU Swine Disease Conference Inaugurates Roy Schultz Lecture Series

The 16th annual Iowa State University Swine Disease Conference for Swine Practitioners is slated for November 6-7 (Thurs-Fri) in Ames, Iowa. The second day of the conference will feature the new "Dr. Roy Schultz Lecture Series." Dr. Kenneth C. McCullough from the Institute of Virology and Immunoprophylaxis in Mittelhausen, Switzerland is slated to present the inaugural lecture on the topic "New understandings about PCV2 virus and effects on pigs." Dr. Schultz is an ISU alumnus (DVM'60, MS'81) and swine practitioner/consultant from Avoca, Iowa. A charter member of the AASV, he was recently honored with the AASV Foundation's Heritage Award recognizing his lifelong outstanding achievements in swine veterinary medicine.

The conference will continue to offer "Pig Power," its popular fast-paced networking opportunity for veterinarians to connect with veterinary students. Additional information about the conference, along with the schedule of scientific presentations, is available at