2011 Annual Meeting Video: Wes Jamison

The AASV 2011 Annual Meeting general session presentation by Dr. Wes Jamison is the first to be available online at http://www.aasv.org/members/only/video/2011.php Dr. Jamison spoke on the animal welfare movement, agenda building, and policy.

Videos will continue to be edited and added as quickly as possible in the coming weeks. Thanks to Morgan Morrow, AASV Communications Committee, for recording these videos. We regret that we were unable to get a better audio feed from the conference hotel; there is a significant amount of "clipping noise" in the audio of this year's presentations. Thanks also to the AASV Board for approving funds for the purchase of a "pro" camcorder with which we hope to do better next year!

The 2011 Annual Meeting video is part of a growing library of video presentations available to members at http://www.aasv.org/members/only/video/. The video library includes past annual meeting keynote presentations as well as personal recollections from some of AASV's most distinguished members. The AASV thanks Communications Committee member Dr. Morgan Morrow and webmaster David Brown for their efforts to establish and expand this resource for members.