U.S. Freshman & Sophomore Veterinary Students: Apply for NPIF Veterinary Internship Stipend

The AASV Foundation is pleased to announce that the National Pork Industry Foundation (NPIF) has renewed funding for the Veterinary Internship Program for 2011-12. For the fourth year, the NPIF Internship Stipend will enable six freshman and sophomore veterinary students in the United States to gain experience in the swine industry via a mentoring program that includes a one-month summer internship with a swine practitioner. Grant recipients are also encouraged to attend the AASV 2012 Annual Meeting and the 2012 Leman Conference, and must submit a written summary and evaluation of their experiences upon completion of the program. Each of the six selected students receives a stipend of $3300 to defray the cost of participating in the internship. Complete details and the application are available on the AASV Web site at http://www.aasv.org/students/npif.php. Applications are due October 31, 2011. The AASV Student Recruitment Committee coordinates the selection of the grant recipients. Funding for the program is administered by the AASV Foundation.