AASV Foundation Auction Catalog Mailed

The AASV Foundation’s 2012 Auction Catalog was recently mailed to all U.S. members. This booklet details over 75 got to have thing-a-mabobs and whatyamacallits that no self respecting swine veterinarian could do without. There are really an incredible variety of items up for bid this year. Everything from quilts, figurines, trips, barn equipment, a riding lawnmower and even insemination catheters! Where else will you find a selection like that – truly something for everyone!

We hope everyone will take the time out of your busy schedule (and the wallet out of your pocket) to attend and participate in the auction on Monday night March 12 in Denver. The auction is the key fundraising activity for your AASV Foundation and a good turnout is essential for success. If you are unable to attend you can submit bids by calling or emailing the AASV office. There will also be a raffle this year. Buy a button for $10 and you’ve got a chance to win one of three cash prizes if you’re present following the live auction.

So,consult the auction booklet or visit the website (http://www.aasv.org/foundation/2012/auctionlist.htm) to view the items online. Then sit back and figure out how you can support your Foundation. See you in Denver!