NC229 PRRSV Meeting & Swine Viral Diseases abstracts at 2012 CRWAD

On Sunday, Dec. 2nd 1 PM to 5 PM, the NC229 “Detection and Control of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus and Emerging Viral Diseases of Swine” will be meeting in Chicago for the NC229 Annual Meeting. The meeting will consist of various presentations and discussions on how to move forward with the goals of the project, the re-writing of the next 5 year NC229 grant and future trends for the continuation of funding of PRRSV by USDA, commodity groups and industry. In addition, Dr. Peter Johnson and Dr. Margo Holland will be giving updates on USDA funding and emphasis of research direction on the international and national level. If you are interested in presenting at the PRRSV Sunday afternoon meeting, or need further information, please contact the Chair of the 2012 Committee, Dr. Jane Christopher-Hennings (

The NC229 scientific presentations will be given as oral or poster presentations within the context of the CRWAD meeting with 1 and 1/2 days of presentations. ALL people interested in PRRSV and other swine virus research are encouraged to present papers at the CRWAD meeting on Monday, December 3 (8am-5pm) through Tuesday, December 4th (8am-11:30am). It is anticipated that any PRRSV abstracts (including PRRSV topics regarding pathogenesis, molecular biology, immunology epidemiology, control, vaccination, diagnostics, etc.) will be presented in the “PRRSV session” of the CRWAD Viral Pathogenesis Section. Other swine viral disease topics which are included in NC229 (including SIV, PCV2 and other viral respiratory disease topics including epidemiology, control, vaccination, diagnostics, etc.) may be submitted for presentation in the CRWAD Viral Pathogenesis Section or the “Viral SIV/PCV2/Other Session” of the CRWAD Respiratory Diseases Section.

As always, abstracts on disease topics are clustered within the Section by the Section Chair. All abstracts to be presented at the CRWAD meeting must be submitted through the CRWAD on-line submission program available at the CRWAD web site address. Deadline for abstract submission is August 24, 2012.