Study Shows Canadian Pork Exports Contribute 9.28 Billion to Canadian Economy

A study conducted by the George Morris Centre has shown Canadian pork exports (which account for 60 percent of Canadian pork production) contribute over nine billion dollars annually to the Canadian economy. The George Morris Centre has completed a study on behalf of the Canadian Pork Council which examined the value of Canadian pork exports. Kevin Grier, a senior market analyst with the George Morris Centre, says the study found the economic development associated with exporting pork contributes about 9.28 billion dollars annually to Canada's economy.

“[Pork] exports themselves probably increased producers' bottom lines by about anywhere from 20 to 30 dollars,” according to Grier. The Statistics Canada input-output multiplier estimates those exports generated about 45,000 jobs in Canada and generated nearly two billion dollars worth of wages and salaries resulting in an additional net economic contribution to Canada's GDP of about 3.5 billion dollars.

Source: Farmscape. Ca, Episode 4185