Bank of America Continues Support of HSUS

Bank of America (BoA) recently announced another partnership with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) after releasing a new HSUS-themed credit card. This is a continuation of an “affinity card” program BoA has had in place with HSUS for a number of years.

This credit card agreement reportedly provides HSUS with $60 for every new account opened and an additional 25 cents for every $100 spent.

The Animal Agriculture Alliance (AAA) sent a letter to Bank of America's President Brian Moynihan to request that the bank stop funding animal rights organizations such as HSUS that seek to eliminate animal agriculture.

BoA’s Agribusiness Executive and member of the Board of Trustees of Farm Foundation Corny Gallagher responded by saying, “Bank of America has a long history of support for the “animal agriculture” sector, with loan commitments in excess of $26 billion up from $20 billion in 2009. We value our relationships with our agribusiness and animal agriculture clients.”

Mr. Gallagher went on to note that, “as an Iowa farmer, who’s family continues to raise cattle and hogs and as an animal science grad from Iowa State I know how hard it is to work 24/7 to care for our crops and animals and then face all the issues you face.” He stated that BoA has an ongoing relationship with HSUS and its members and that the company does not “take positions on the policies of any of these organizations.”

The Animal Agriculture Alliance has encouraged its members and other stakeholders in the agriculture industry to write to their local Bank of America and share the true agenda of animal rights extremists.