Paramyxovirus Infection in Pigs with Interstitial Pneumonia and Encephalitis in the United States

In the last few years, newly recognized paramyxoviruses have been associated with severe disease in several animal species, including swine, as well as in human beings. Recently, a paramyxovirus was isolated from a swine herd in the northcentral United States that experienced an epizootic of respiratory and central nervous system disease. Affected pigs had interstitial pneumonia with necrotizing bronchiolitis and encephalitis characterized by lymphocytic perivasculitis and diffuse gliosis. Germ-free pigs inoculated with this isolate developed mild clinical illness and similar but less severe histopathologic lesions in lungs and brain.

Bruce H. Janke, Prem S. Paul, John G. Landgraf, Patrick G. Halbur, Clark D. Huinker; Paramyxovirus infection in pigs with interstitial pneumonia and encephalitis in the United States; J Vet Diagn Invest 13:428–433 (2001)