AASV Foundation Auction Donations Due December 1

If you've been considering donating an item for the AASV Foundation Auction, procrastinate no longer! Complete the Auction Donation Form today! Looking for ideas? Take a look at the items already donated this year at aasv.org/foundation/2013/auctionlist.php. And, see what was popular last year at aasv.org/foundation/2012/auctionlist.htm.

Dr. Daryl Olsen and the AASV Foundation Auction Committee are calling on ALL AASV members to join in the effort to raise $100,000 to benefit the programs of the foundation. “100K” is more than just a catchy phrase – it represents an opportunity to “double the money” with a $100,000 gift from MVP Laboratories and MJ Biologics if the auction proceeds reach the 100K goal.

Since the auction items are donated, the full amount of the auction proceeds will benefit AASV Foundation programs that include swine externship grants, the Hogg Scholarship, swine research, travel stipends for veterinary students, heritage videos, and more.

So Don't Delay - Help us Raise 100K - Today!