AASV Annual Meeting Video: Greg Stevenson

The first of the 2015 AASV Annual Meeting presentations is now available to watch online. Dr. Greg Stevenson gave the Howard Dunne Memorial Lecture, "Because it's the right thing to do" as part of the Monday General Session, Beyond Our Oath: Integrity, Intensity, Professionalism. The 2015 videos are at https://www.aasv.org/members/only/video/2015.php

Beginning this year, we are moving away from the old "Flash" video to more open HTML5 standards. I am still tweaking the web pages to do this, so if you encounter difficulties or have other comments, please do let me know: dave@aasv.org

AASV members may view videos from keynote and general sessions of the AASV Annual Meeting going back to 2005 at https://www.aasv.org/members/only/video/