Biosecurity Fact Sheets Available for Use with Producers, Feed Delivery Personnel

As the result of an AASV Foundation-funded research proposal, fact sheets are now available on the AASV website to help producers and feed delivery personnel gain a better understanding of major swine diseases and the biosecurity practices that will minimize the risk of pathogen transmission during feed deliveries. The project was initiated by Dr. Cate Dewey and Karen Richardson in response to a request they received from producers and feed company personnel during a study to identify biosecurity risks associated with feed delivery (

The fact sheets, titled "Reducing pathogen spread during farm feed delivery," are available in two sets: "basic" and "detailed." Each set includes a brief overview of biosecurity and disinfectant use, followed by a one-page overview of each of ten swine diseases/organisms: APP, influenza, ileitis, Mycoplasma, PED, PRRS, Salmonella, Strep suis, swine dysentery, and TGE. As implied by the description, the "detailed" set of fact sheets provides more information about each disease than the "basic" set, which was prepared to comply with a request from feed industry personnel to provide the information in a "simple, short, and straightforward" manner.

Both sets of fact sheets are available on the AASV Publications web page ( under the heading "Biosecurity Fact Sheets for producers and feed delivery personnel." AASV members are invited and encouraged to share the fact sheets with producers, delivery personnel, and anyone else who can benefit from an overview of common swine diseases and how best to avoid transmitting them when making or receiving on-farm deliveries.