Influenza Resources Available for Swine Exhibitions

There have been reports lately of human influenza cases associated with swine exposure at fairs and exhibitions in Michigan and Ohio. Influenza A viruses can transmit in either direction between people and pigs particularly during times of close contact such as is often the case at swine exhibitions. When people are infected with swine origin influenza A viruses, it is termed as a variant virus infection and denoted with a “v” after the subtype (e.g. H3N2v).

The Swine Exhibitions Zoonotic Influenza Working Group was assembled in December 2012 to develop a set of measures to minimize influenza virus transmission between swine, from people to swine, and from swine to people at swine exhibitions. The National Assembly of State Animal Health Officials and the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians have endorsed the document developed by the group. Measures to Minimize Influenza Transmission at Swine Exhibitions, 2015 can be viewed on the AASV web site.

The measures described in the document are offered for careful consideration depending on the needs of the specific exhibition and can be implemented in part or in total. They are not intended to supersede local, state, or federal regulations. These measures were formulated based on current evidence and the collective knowledge of the Working Group. It is expected that this document will be updated regularly as additional information becomes available.