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Animal Feed Database Created

Twenty-one Land Grant institutions and partner organizations are collaborating to provide researchers, Extension professionals, regulators, feed industry professionals, and livestock producers with up-to-date, research-based information on the nutrient needs of agricultural animals. [Source:, October 6, 2016 By National Animal Nutrition Program]

Since forming in 2010, the National Animal Nutrition Program has created a database of animal feed ingredients. The database is a vital tool to inform cost-effective production decisions; aid in animal welfare policies and procedures; and to guarantee the safety and nutritional value of consumers' food.

"Feed is the largest livestock and poultry production expense, and better information on animal nutritional needs and feeding strategies is key to making livestock production sustainable and effective," stated Merlin Lindemann, project leader from University of Kentucky.

Activities conducted by the program aid in the development of feeding strategies and research to enhance animal health, which allows for better productivity and lowered costs. Consumers will also benefit from safer, more nutritious meat, dairy, and eggs.

"The significance of this data is vast," says Phil Miller, project participant from University of Nebraska. "It shows how we can use the byproducts from biofuel grain production in animal feed more economically. It also reveals how modified animal diets can reduce gas emissions from livestock."