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Canadians Supportive of Regulations Governing Veterinary Use of Antimicrobials

Health Canada says stakeholders have been supportive of proposed updated regulations governing the veterinary use of antimicrobials in Canada. The public comment period for Proposed Changes to Canada's Food and Drug Regulations Related to Antimicrobial Resistance ended in Mid-September. Proposed changes include greater import control of veterinary drugs, including antibiotics and their active pharmaceutical ingredients, the collection of antimicrobial sales information to improve monitoring and improved access to alternative animal health products to reduce the need for antimicrobials. Health Canada Spokesperson Renelle Briand says Canadians have been showing interest and paying attention to antimicrobial resistance as an important public health issue. [Source: Farmscape for October 13, 2016]

Clip-Renelle Briand-Health Canada:
"A range of stakeholders has been engaged and are supportive of Health Canada's ongoing initiative to address antimicrobial resistance in the veterinary drug context. Health Canada has received comments from a wide range of stakeholders including veterinarians, manufacturers, food animal producers and provincial, territorial authorities. The department is analyzing the comments received during the Canada Gazette Part One consultation process and will determine whether modifications to the proposal are needed. A summary of the comments received will be included in the regulatory impact analysis statement as part of the Canada Gazette Part Two process. The next step in the regulatory development process are to complete the review and analysis of comments received from stakeholders during the Canada Gazette Part One consultation phase. Depending on the nature of the comments received we are aiming to finalize the regulatory changes and publish the regulation in Canada Gazette Part Two."

Briand says, while the department is still analyzing the comments received, final regulatory changes are being planned for publication next year.