CSHIN Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea UPDATE

Manitoba: All herds are in the process of elimination of PED. Of the 3 cases that occurred in May, 2016, the finisher site is presumptive negative and the sow herd has had naïve animal all testing negative so far. The sow herd PED case occurring in September the sow herd is no longer shedding and the pig environment is testing negative. The finisher herd also occurring in the September has completed C&D, the environment is testing negative and sentinels have been placed. Transport vehicles with sows destined for the US have been rerouted through a less dense swine area.

Québec: No positive pig cases of PED or PDCV have been reported but positive environmental tests on trailers and loading docks were identified during the autumn. No Quebec transporters have been implicated.

Ontario: Of the PED positive sites enrolled in the ARC&E process, all in the midst of establishing negative status. The remaining sites with PED are known. Of loading dock environmental PCR tests since June conducted at federally inspected plants, 11 of 257 tests were positive for PED or PDCV.

[Source: Canadian Swine Health Information Network, December 15, 2016]