People on the Move: Dr. Lucina Galina

Dr. Lucina Galina has been promoted to Director, U.S. Pork Technical Services at Zoetis. Dr. Galina first joined a Zoetis legacy company in 2009 as a US Pork technical services veterinarian for swine customers in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. In 2015, she was promoted to Senior Manager on the US Pork Technical Services team. Amongst the swine health industry, Lucina is best known for demonstrating leadership and passion as she has worked closely with the Individual Pig Care program, developed the Day One Pig Care program, and most recently led an industry-wide, collaborative initiative to create the updated M. hyopneumoniae control strategies manual. Dr Galina managed the Zoetis’ Swine Vet Summer Intern program.

Dr. Galina earned a degree in Veterinary Medicine in Mexico City and a PhD in swine medicine from University of Minnesota. While at the U of MN, her research improved the understanding of the role that PRRSV plays in exacerbating secondary diseases including S. suis. Dr. Galina has a strong background in infectious diseases, microbiology and respiratory diseases, and she has contributed to industry research over the years with over 20 peer-reviewed, published papers. Prior to joining Zoetis and its legacy companies, Lucina worked at the Institute for Animal Health in England studying genetic mechanisms for resistance to salmonellosis, and then she was Veterinary Research Scientist with Pig Improvement Company (PIC) for over 10 years. Dr. Galina resides with her family in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Her contact information is available at Are you on the move? If so, let us know at