Ration-induced diarrhea in grower pigs

Catharine E. Dewey, DVM PhD

PDF version is available online.

An epidemiologic investigation in a boar test station indicated that the morbidity rate due to diarrhea was higher when the pigs were fed a 21% crude protein ration (morbidity rate = 28.5 +/- 16) than when they were fed a 17% CP ration (morbidity rate = 5.6 +/- 4) (P<.05). No causative pathogenic organism was identified. The spread of the diarrhea within the barn was sporadic. Pigs fed the higher CP ration had a lower average daily gain (0.85 kg versus 0.92 kg) and a higher feed conversion (2.47 versus 2.36) than the pigs fed the lower protein rations (P<.0001). Feed trials were conducted on feeder pigs to compare the 21% protein ration used in the boar test station to a 16% protein ration. Higher morbidity rates due to diarrhea were associated with the high protein ration (88.6% versus 10.6%) (P<.01). It was concluded that the pelleted corn and soybean-based 21% CP ration was a necessary cause of the diarrhea.

Keywords: diarrhea, diet

RIS citationCite as: Dewey CE. Ration-induced diarrhea in grower pigs. J Swine Health Prod 1993;1(2):16-21.

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