The disposal of dead pigs: A review

W Morgan Morrow, BVSc, MS, PhD; and Peter R. Ferket, BSc, MS, PhD

PDF version is available online.

We explored options for disposing of dead pigs, including some recent technologies developed for the poultry industry. The methods, including trench burial, disposal pits, incineration, composting, as animal feed, extrusion, fluidized bed drying, flash dehydration, freezing, fermentation, and acid preservation are described. The relative advantages and disadvantages of each method, including cost, impact on the environment, and and ability to destroy pathogens are compared.

Keywords: production, carcass, disposal

RIS citationCite as: Morrow WEM, Ferket PR. The disposal of dead pigs: A review. J Swine Health Prod 1993;1(3):7-13.

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