Atrophic myopathy in young pigs (case report)

Joaquim Segalés, DVM; Mariano Domingo, DVM, PhD; Alberto J. Marco, DVM, PhD; Juan San Martin, DVM; Carlos Pijoan, DVM, PhD

PDF version is available online.

A unilateral hind limb atrophic myopathy in 7- to 35-day-old pigs is described in this report. Clinical signs included knuckling of the metatarsal-phalangeal joint, plantigradism, inability to move, and dog-sitting posture. Histologic findings showed a clear muscular atrophy, sciatic nerve inflammation, and hemosiderosis in perisciatic and perimuscular connective tissue. We concluded that excessive iron injections were the cause of this problem.

Keywords: atrophic myopathy, iron

RIS citationCite as: Segales J, Domingo M, Marco AJ, et al. Atrophic myopathy in young pigs (case report). J Swine Health Prod 1995;3(2):75-78.

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